If I had to name one thing that I love capturing the most as a photographer, this would be it… the birth of a first child.

Nothing for me compares to the real excitement and connection a couple experience when they’re expecting a new baby, coupled with the fear they feel for the unknown challenges that lie ahead. I love hearing all the grand plans soon-to-be parents will tell of their future adventures as a new little family. It’s so honest & easy to get wrapped up in. The costant love, contact, connection & awe that you see before and after the baby arrives is genuine & always heartwarming.

This couple was literally bursting with love and affection from the moment I met them. Its easy to see how much they love each other & how excited they were to be expecting a perfectly combined little version of themselves. Watching Nathan dote over Sarah in the labour ward, whilst trying to hold himself together, and Sarah’s insain strength during the birth, was nothing short of an honour. I was there to watch them discover what their surprise little package was and to see the absolute astonishment that followed as they discovered her tiny little hands & cooed over the potential colour of her hair. It was definitely one of the best experiences I can ever hope to have as a photog.

Congratulations to Nathan, Sarah on your new addition, baby Aurora. I hope to one day marry my son off to your daughter & wish you all, nothing but the best. I look forward to capturing many more memories for you all!!