For me, photographing maternity is all about the couple. It always has been. I can appreciate a beautiful pregnant body as much as the next person, but for me, I’ve always made it about the journey of the two people. It’s part of the story.. two people fall in love & then they create another human life… AND THAT’S EXCITING! I love that. It’s one of the greatest achievements any person will make in their life and I treat it like just like it’s their wedding day. I tell a story, but a real one. One that doesn’t need to be dressed up with frills and flower petals. It’s genuine, exciting & all about honest connection & nurturing.

Often I find that people will downgrade what I do as a photographer. ‘Don’t you just push a button?’ people will ask. It’s true that I DO push a button, if you want to simplify it to a very basic skill, but in actual fact I can take two people I’ve never met, and I can make them relaxed & comfortable in front of the camera even at their most vulnerable moments, and I can capture their most honest love and affection, and some of the most powerful emotions they have felt. I can use light and angles to show you their most beautiful, and tiniest features, and I can capture their truest smiles. I can give them the gift of memory, and know that in 5 years time, those photos will still make their heart flutter. That’s a skill I’m proud of!!

This was one of those couples that I had never met. They had no idea how I worked, how I directed, and they got the most relaxed & loved up photos I could have hoped for. I am incredibly grateful that Kathy has chosen me to be a part of their birthing journey, that she looked at my work and knew I was the right photographer for the job. I know it’s something she won’t regret. 🙂

How freakn’ cute are they?!!