DEC, 2021




There are many stages of parenthood that feel overwhelming, but letting your babies fly the nest is a pretty big one.
Have I given them enough? Will they be okay? Will they still call me? Who am I now without them by my side everyday?
There are of course no rule books to follow in parenting. & you know, they’re all so different, even if there was one, it probably wouldn’t have worked on someone. Then there’s the fact that you can’t even really remember how you got here… so fast… & what did we actually do to keep them alive each day?!
You won’t miss the arguments… except you will.
and you won’t miss the mess… except you know you’ll miss that too.
And you’re glad you’re not a taxi or spare change anymore… except what you’d give to feel needed like that all over again soon.
Know this. When you’ve poured the love in, they will still call you home, no matter where they are standing in the world. & they’ll be standing, thriving, smiling, determined. & they know how to let go & take flight, because you taught them that.
Imagine if you never booked these photos mumma. There’s so much love here that would never have been captured. Thanks for letting me in on this changing phase of your lives.