I had this crazy idea to rebrand. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I did a cool one-on-one workshop with Luke Simon Photography (which was very refreshing and helped me to better define my business goals), or the fact that I just got sick of people having to ask me if I am still taking photos or whatnot.

See, if youre new to my work, then you probably don’t know that I have been running my photography business under another name. Tickled Ink to be precise. If you followed that link, then you’ll also now know that Tickled Ink is my graphic design work. Previously I had everything under the one umbrella, and as a result, potential clients were getting confused, and were subject to a lot of irrelevant posts.. but also, it left me lacking a sense of direction in my work.

So here I am today, in a new year, under a new name; a name that didn’t come easily but speaks to me. I’ve been flying under the radar for a little while trying to figure things out for myself, and trying to decide which steps to take first in my journey forward. Earthwalk Photography will ultimately focus on babies, young & new families in a raw, uncluttered way. That is were my passion lies as a photographer, driven by my own love and desire to capture every childhood moment for my own two offspring & a genuine family connection.

To all my loyal followers/clients on my journey… Thank you!! I often feel my spirit start to break in this journey as a creative, and it’s you who so often keeps me going.

To all my new & future followers/clients… Welcome! I look forward to working with you! 🙂