This week started off quite brilliantly when I got the text to say that a new baby was on the way. I turned up at the hospital late Monday night & witnessed little Leo’s arrival earthside early the following morning. There’s no doubt, his mumma is made of something special. She was absolutely made for giving him life. I was in awe at how composed & caring she was the entire time she was in labour, checking to make sure everyone else was doing okay, while she was the one enduring all the pains. This family was one of the most joyful, doting & genuine I have come across & I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to be present & to capture all of these little moments of new life. There honestly wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Leo took his first breath & squeaked his first cries. Thank you & Congratulations again Rebecca O’Neil & Scott for allowing me to be a part of your journey!! Life has changed as you know it & may your next chapter be filled with a million beautiful memories. x